Abell-Howe is the oldest and most experienced manufacturer of jib cranes in the US, building a variety of jib cranes for our customer’s unique lifting requirements for more than 100 years.
Our engineers have the experience in designing both standard as well as custom installations as either stand-alone application or mounted onto other machinery and can custom-fit the jib crane with the proper hoist to fit specific needs.

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J904B - Base Mount

Heavy duty floor mounted Jib Crane designed
for 360 degree rotation.

J904F(S) - Foundation/Sleeve Mount

Heavy duty foundation mounted Jib Crane designed
for 360 degree rotation.


J904L - Foundationless

Developed to be an all purpose foundationless jib
for light duty industrial applications.

J-900 - Tie Rod

This economical Jib Crane consist of a wide flange
beam for the hoist and trolley with a threaded tension rod with clevis fittings for ease of leveling boom.


J906FCT - Cantilever

The full cantilever design affords the greatest hook height, thus taking full advantage of building height.


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